August 10, 2015

OtoScience Labs LLC licenses technology from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


  OtoScience Labs announces it has entered into an agreement with Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University to acquire the exclusive licensing rights to intellectual property developed at the University’s School of Medicine (US Patents 8,088,077 and 8,888,712). The license allows OtoScience Labs to use, sublicense, and develop the gap-based approach for tinnitus in animal models and humans. The goal is to develop better preclinical screening for ototoxicity and to develop an objective measurement of tinnitus for use in human research and in the clinic.   


  OtoScience Labs is a biotech company focused on developing solutions for the problems of hearing loss and tinnitus. The company offers noise consulting and contract research services in ototoxicity, and strives to develop better preclinical and clinical tests for hearing loss and tinnitus.